Feb 28, 2015

February Fitness with Ash

It's the end of the month (bring on the Spring!), which means that it is also time to have an update with Ash!  Just by looking at her instagram posts (@ashyness), and fitbit stats, she killed it in February.  Go Ash Go!

Ash is back with her take on how the month went...

The beginning of February was a bit of a struggle… I was working for a week in Montreal! Yes, it was a fitness conference BUT, I don’t get a lot of time to workout and let’s be honest, the food in Montreal is unbelievable (confession: I did have poutine… more than once #SorryNotSorry LOL)

Alright, I decided to change it up this month with more dance workouts!! I LOVE to dance and if you can get an amazing sweat on while dancing, then hey, count me in!!!

First was a freestyle dance class that myself and another presenter presented at the Montreal Conference I was working at… (so yes, I guess I got one workout in!!!).  It was a mixture of Latin, Jazz, House, Modern and an all out dance battle!! SO MUCH FUN!!!

I also decided to grab my buddy Kyle and do some Sh’bam workouts when I got home. Haven’t heard of Sh’Bam?? It is a dance class at GoodLife Fitness! There is also a mixture of styles that our sure to make. you. sweat! (and, nope… no dance experience is required for sh’bam, just show up and have fun!!)

Time Out: another note about me, I have started getting REALLY bad shin splints a few months ago!!! During a 10k race last September I pushed myself, they were unbearable but on top of that, during the last km a pain I can’t even describe shot through my left foot and up my leg (I did finish the race BTW… CH said she would carry me to the finish line if I wasn’t so much taller than her!! LOL). A few days later the pain didn’t go away, I was diagnosed after a few x-rays with a Stress Fracture, DOH!!! So, now I have to be careful that my stress fracture doesn’t turn into a full blow fracture…

Back to February…

After two weeks of dance workouts as well as some basic bootcamp workouts, CH and I decided to order Shaun T’s new T25 program!! (I love me some Shaun T – I have done Hip Hop Abs and Insanity in the past and LOVED them!!! Why not try this one???)

T25 is a high intensity program that is only 25 minutes a day, totally doable!! CH and I received the DVDs on Feb 20th and promptly started the program on Feb 23rd… we are one week in and loving every minute of it and I feel great!! (1 week of T25 down and 9 weeks to go… hoping this will help with my body transformation!!) I am still adding cardio (low intensity – damn stress fracture/shin splints) and bootcamp 2-3x/week!! 

2 months down, 6 to go until my 30th birthday and to be in the best shape of my life… EEK!!! Bring on March… I am ready for you! (and warmer weather… come on Mother Nature!!)


Ashy xx

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