Feb 7, 2015

#19: Slutty Brownies & Betty Draper

My good friend Olivia (from reLive Fashion - check her out!) and I decided to have a girls night last night, complete with a fantastic and danceable playlist, take-out and a delicious amount of red wine.

Olivia is a stylist who works with pieces from vintage and second hand shops.  How cool is that!  So, as I love to bake and she loves to style, we decided to join forces and combine the two things we love.  

Liv styled me into a Betty Draper version of myself, while I whipped up a batch of these slutty brownies (taken from The Londoner). 

You'll need:

1 box brownie mix
1 box cookie mix
(whatever ingredients the above mixes call for, as each brand can differ)
2 packs of Oreos

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F.

1. Mix the cookie mix, as per the instructions on the box
2. Pour mixture into greased tray
3. Cover the cookie mix with the oreos, by placing them in a line - until the whole thing is covered
4. Mix the brownie mix, as per the instructions on the box
5. Pour on top of oreos, as evenly as possible
6. Put tray into oven, bake for 30 minutes


This beauty, Liv, turning me into Betty Draper..

All in a nights work!

Worth the splurge!



  1. So delish and so much fun! You rock 50s style SO WELL Jess! It was such a pleasure to collaborate with you! xo

  2. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! next girls night in - Slutty Brownies and Wine!!!